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DreamHost Rebrand

The challenge

With the rebrand for DreamHost, we wanted to focus on the qualities that we felt set the company apart from the competition of other web hosting providers. As a company, we wanted to remain authentic, and passionate that cares about its community and users. For a tech company, DreamHost takes pride in shameless honesty, being irreverent and fun while still being professional. It was important to us that our values and personality came across which the original logo kinda lacked.

Original Logo

The first stage was exploring updating the existing logo. How could we improve upon it? The original logo was set in Futura Condensed, which I feel was very common for many tech companies when it was designed. I explored new typefaces and different ways of incorporating the moon icon but still keeping it feeling familiar to the original logo.

Logo Explorations

The Solution

The final logo is a nice update to the original one. The logo was voted on by the entire company and stays within familiar territory. It keeps the moon icon where much of our brand equity is, turning it around and setting it in an upward more positive direction. We also kept the camelcase while updating the typeface in the fuller rounder Futura case, giving it more confidence. The old tech color blues were axed as well making the updated blues feel warmer and more inviting. We shared our rebrand and full exploration on our company blog which can be found here.

Final Logo

The Wild Card

After a few rounds of exploration, we were asked if we could present one new concept that steered away from the original logo completely. I enjoyed the challenge and went off for a weekend mind mapping everything I could think of associated with Dream. The concept I presented was a dreamcatcher. I thought this was a fun concept as it reminded me of the computer circuitry boards intertwining. The dreamcatcher is also a protection symbol and is supposed to ward off bad dreams and only let the good ones through.

Dreamcatcher Sketches Dreamcatcher concept 1 Dreamcatcher concept 2

This concept was presented at our quarterly all-hands meeting and was received very well. It did not make it to the final stages but the process taught me a lot. It was nice to have total creative freedom to pursue a whole new idea. Since this project, I always like to present one wild card to push the comfort zone a bit.

Dreamcatcher mockup 1 Dreamcatcher mockup 2




Jan 2014


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