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March 2017


Branding, Visual Design

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Old Layout

The challenge

DreamHost has multiple partners that send traffic for their users to get a promotional offer on hosting products. These pages are set up using a templet that can be customized to each partner including a large hero with the promotional offer, expiration date, and top features of the product. The current layout was not converting to our 2017 acquisition goals and needed a refresh.We wanted to create a new page that would leverage that affiliate traffic better. On top of the clear price and savings, the design goals included:

  • Developing better content that would help the user decide which web hosting was best for them.
  • Trust sections that include testimonials from current customers and trusted partners sending the traffic to this page.
  • Better feature section explaining how our products benefits and what our customers love about them.

The Solution

We kept the sections similar to the old page layout with the large hero followed by a feature section. I wanted to make the page feel more inviting and lighter by removing the dark blue background. The image used was also set to be more inviting than a computer screen. The testimonial came from our partner who is sending us the traffic on why they decide to use DreamHost. We included a small "Why DreamHost" section that described the company does differently and sets them apart from the competition.

The Takeaways

The takeaway for this project was designing with our user data and signup conversion as a goal. It was really helpful knowing where the users were coming from and the type of traffic the affiliate partner was sending. It helped us set the specific talking points and the logical flow of the page. The page went through multiple iterations and is still evolving to accommodate each affiliate partner.

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