Birthday Advent Calendar

Birthday Advent Calendar

To help celebrate my friend turning 40 this year I wanted to make something really special for her. The idea came to me after chatting with her one night, we were joking she needed an advent calendar to help count the days of her big 4-0 celebration. Later on that night it got me thinking, I really SHOULD make that happen. I associate Advent Calendars with Christmas growing up, each day getting you closer to the holidays. I had never seen a birthday calendar but thought it would be fun to appropriate.

When turning a big milestone birthday I wanted to make something to celebrate all the good years one has had, as well as the new adventures that lay ahead. I felt what better way than each day (window) opening to a different memory. For the front, I pulled a piece of artwork I could very easily see hanging in her house. For the windows, I recruited friends and family to send me their favorite pictures. It became one of the most fun projects I had done in a while.

To finish the project off I did the perforation by hand and mounted the two pieces of paper together with Rubber Cement. The finished project was very well received by the birthday girl.


June 2017


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