DIY Foldable Robot

DIY Foldable Robot

Rethinking and designing the print collateral we wanted to use a very different approach from what we had used in the past. We wanted something more that just the regular 8.5x11 one-page handout. Observing people at conferences, we found that people would often pick up information, but then it would end up in the bottom of a tote back, or thrown directly in the trash. The challenge was creating something that people wanted to keep. One of the values of DreamHost is to be irreverent and fun. We wanted to make sure our personality shined through, and a regular product brochure seemed to go against that.

The robot mascot has been hugely popular with customers and fans for DreamHost. We thought it would be fun for our users to be able to assemble and keep our little mascot on their desk. We set up a dieline along with simple instructions. The robot was packaged together with a one-sheet talking about DreamHost and our products.


March 2017


Branding, Print Design