Girl with the dragon Tattoo

Girl with the dragon Tattoo

The initial project for the class was to create a collage, which was to interpret a word that was assigned in class. The word assigned to me in class was Trauma. Trauma is defined as a body wound produced by a sudden physical injury either from violence or accident. The experience can produce psychological injury and/or pain. My first collages where images found in magazines, as I created a series of different compositions. After reflecting on the word further, I decided to move from magazines to newspapers and from color to black & white. I found this to be more appropriate since newspapers is often filled with events that were traumatic to other people. When experiencing such a event, your life is often divided into two sections, one before, and one after the event happened. The use of black & white, I felt reflected that.

After experimenting with the collage in Photoshop, I was happy with the end result. After the first critique in class, I reworked the project and decided to turn it into a book cover. The small newspaper clips, reminded me of the Steig Larsson thriller Millennium book series. I decided to use the collage for a redesign of the first book in the series “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” The books have been hugely popular in Sweden since they were published in 2006, and are now on the best seller lists around the world.


June 2013


Print Design