Ingrid's Cupboard

Ingrid's Cupboard

The cookbook Ingrid’s Cupboard is a collection of Swedish recipes that have been handed down through generations within my family. This book was to research and gather my family history, as well as preserve some very old family recipes. It has a personal history on top of just a collection of traditional recipes. The book also offers a small introduction into Swedish food and culture. When doing my research on cookbooks, I found an overwhelming amount of French, Italian, and Cajun, etc cookbooks. However, I could not find any Scandinavian cookbooks in any of the book stores I visited, and offers a total of seven book titles on Scandinavian cooking on their website. Most people know very little about the culinary culture of Sweden or will mix it with German dishes. Ingrid’s Cupboard is unique from all the Swedish cookbook that I found, in that is gives personal accounts of the people who came up with the recipes. Every family has great stories to share, and I never get tired of hearing the stories of my grandparents. Storytelling is something I grew up, sitting around the kitchen table as a child. It is my mission to preserve some of these stories before they are forgotten.

My overall design layout was to make the book easy to use, with easy to read instructions and ingredients. I wrote the entire introduction to Swedish food, and culture for the beginning of the book. I used a variety of sources, for my research including interviewing family members for the family history sections. I supplemented the recipes with photos of the food prepared, family photos, as well as photos I took while on my visits to Sweden. The typefaces used is Book Antiqua and Din. The cover is a photoshopped image of the famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman in front of a vintage looking kitchen. I choose this image because most people would not recognize Ingrid Bergman right away. However, most Swedish people would understand the cover right away. The book is laid out in InDesign CS4, printed in CMYK 4-color process. The book is perfect bound, on a glossy cover stock. The final book would be printed on a heavier paper stock, with a semi-gloss.


May 2012


Print Design